Ja'bari Gray, baby born with no skin, getting ready to go home

Ja'bari Gray, the baby from San Antonio who was born without skin, will soon reach another major milestone.

He's been at Texas Children's Hospital since April where this tiny guy has put up a big fight. He's been upgraded from critical condition to fair and has had many milestones.

Ja'bari's breathing tube was removed, and he is breathing on his own now.

"It's completely out. They didn't even think it was possible," said his mother, Priscilla Maldonado.

Now she's finally able to hold him and, she says, he'll be going home sometime this month.

"I'm very excited because the first holiday, it's going to be Halloween. So, now we have to look forward to getting him a costume," Priscilla told FOX 26.

Priscilla moved her entire family to Houston over the summer. She says starting over has been hard but thankful that Ja'bari never gave up.

"Very happy, very happy. Very grateful that I didn't take the decision back in San Antonio of disconnecting him then. We fought and got him here. Now he's going to go home," she concluded smiling.

To follow Ja'bari's progress, his mother has made a Facebook group.