Investigation underway into a Houston woman being cyberbullied, threatened

When we think of cyberbullying we typically think of a child being victimized, but there's now a police investigation into claims of a northwest Harris County woman being targeted.

It started on Facebook, but Robin Bennett says what began in cyber space didn't stay in cyber space.  She says the bully badgering her online has crossed the line and actually came to her house.  Bennett believes the person cyberbullying her on Facebook actually left a dead cat outside her northwest Harris County home.

”It’s so sad.  Who would kill that little kitty? The little kitty’s tongue was hanging out. Whoever is doing this to me is a sick person,” says Bennett.

It started more than a week ago.  Bennett's Facebook friends began receiving claims on Facebook Messenger, attacking her character, accusing Bennett of being a "scam artist".  She has run the non-profit "Robin's Haven of Hope" for 12 years.  Bennett says the person sending menacing messages online is telling lies about her saying things such as, “She has taken $18,000 from the churches."  

"I said whoa.  I need to call the police,” Bennett says.

Bennett called the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office after she says she received a phone call from someone threatening her life. 

“Robin Bennett you’re a Republican and we’re going to kill you just like we killed the Republicans last week,” Bennett says the caller told her.

Tormenting telephone calls, being bullied on Facebook -- the 58-year-old woman says it's usually kids carrying out this concerning behavior, but she says this is beyond child's play. 

”It’s scary because every time I go to work out, I’m looking over my back.  When I go to the grocery store I’m looking over my back.  When I go to church I’m looking over my back,” she says.

She says she hopes investigators find who's targeting her and in turn discourage others from using social media as a weapon. 

”People need to do exactly what I’m doing, step up, even though I am afraid because I don’t know who it is but I’m not afraid to tell,” Bennett says.

Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman says Precinct 4 is investigating and is making the investigation a priority.