Intruder wearing only boxer briefs shot and killed in NW Harris County

A home invasion suspect was shot and killed in NW Harris County. According to authorities, the intruder broke into a home and attempted to kick the door down. The suspect, described in his 20's and wearing only boxer briefs, broke into the 19000 block of Juergen Road in Tomball.  Authorities say the man was shot was shot and killed by homeowners. Investigators say there were 7 adults in the home, when the break-in occurred. 

Deputies say that the intruder appeared to be in "attack mode." According to initial reports, 3 adult males were in the home, and they attacked the man. The other residents were sleeping.  One investigator said, that according to the homeowner, the suspect "might have been high on some of narcotic."

There was also a car that was towed back near the crime scene, but it is not clear whether the car was connected to the break-in.  

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