HVAC educational program benefits Harvey survivors

Sometimes a life-changing event begins with filling out some paperwork. At least that's how Ken Jones' change is beginning. He's applying to Lone Star College for learn heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, a curriculum and sector known commonly as HVAC.

"Because HVAC is booming in the city, you'll always have a job working HVAC," says Jones.

Back in September 2017, Jones' Spring-area home was flooded during Hurricane Harvey and he was rescued. When he begins his classes, he will be surrounded by other Harvey survivors, not necessarily people who lost homes, but ones who lost their jobs.

Administrators at Lone Star College are noticing an increase in students enrolling who are trying to overcome their Harvey experiences.

"All of a sudden, there's people without work because some people lost their jobs because their small business went out of business or the places they worked went out of business,"  says LSC System associate vice chancellor Linda Head.

The LSC System worked with the State of Texas and other partners like Rebuild Houston to line up a million dollars in tuition aimed primarily for that group of students. The system has quickly expanded its facilities and some programs as well as adding new ones. There is a theme. The program is in the construction sector. After all, there is a lot of rebuilding that needs to be done as a result of Harvey and not enough people to do it. The program is so new that not enough people know it's happening and the enrollment deadline is looming.

"Some are as short as two weeks long and some are six weeks long, it depends on the training," describes Head.

You'll just have to fill out some paperwork first, but LSC staff can help with that. 

For more information, contact LSC by phone at 281-618-5602.