Hundreds of parents angry over new bus routes give Magnolia school board members an earful

"There's a registered sex offender that lives on my street a 16-year-old girl was raped on my street there are no sidewalks or street lights," an angry mother told the Magnolia ISD school board Monday night.

Not only was it standing room only at the Magnolia school board meeting, it spilled over into the hallway. Parents all seem to want the same thing-- a return to bus routes that had existed for years.

"That does constitute a hazardous traffic condition which I believe is against the law for you to have a bus route like this," said another angry parent to the board.

We told you last week how some students were walking more than a mile with no sidewalks just to get to the bus stop.

Parents took aim at the superintendent and board members accusing them of putting money before their children's safety.

They accused the board of implementing the new bus routes to save between 600 and 900 thousand dollars a year.

The crowd cheered when one parent pointed out they couldn't get rid of the superintendent but could vote out the board who hired him.

The school board president told patents transportation was not on the agenda so they wouldn't discuss it.

However, he said the change in bus routes has nothing to do with money and he blames a shortage of bus drivers.