HPD officer under internal investigation & relieved of duty after racist social media rant

FOX 26 has learned a Houston police officer is under investigation for what some consider a racist rant on social media.

Sgt. Rob Clasen, a 25-year veteran with HPD wrote a lengthy Facebook post about why Blacks are in such bad condition.

Clasen also gave them instructions on how to fix their problems.

He says after the death of George Floyd, the Black community doesn't need reform, it needs a mirror to look into.


In the post, he also tells Black men to be dads and to "pull up [their] pants and go get a job." 

Clasen addresses Black women, telling them they should expect more of their men. 

He also tells the Black community to stop voting for Democrats, saying "they're not going to save you."

Houston police released a tweet saying Clasen is under an internal affairs investigation and has been relieved of duty for the divisive comments.

HPD tweeted the following statement:

"We are aware of a social media post with racial overtones by an HPD employee. The employee has been relieved of duty and an internal affairs investigation has been initiated. The department will report our findings and corrective action upon completion of the investigation."

FOX 26 has reached out to Houston police for further comment.

The Houston Police Officers Union president Joe Gamaldi also released a statement on Twitter saying, "I am aware of a post circulating that is reported to come from one of our officers. It is vile, it is is [sic] disgusting, I know it is under investigation but I am confident the Houston Police Department will act swiftly. This is not who we are as Houston Police Officers."