HPD: Driver not at fault in death of 4-year-old near KIPP Connect

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In the course of his short life, little Muhammad Ali Abdullah had safely crossed DeMoss street near his family home hundreds of times.

That would change at 7:20 am. on this Monday when the 4-year old was struck in the crosswalk - just a stone’s throw from the KIPP Connect in Sharpstown.

"He was going to drop his other brother at the school. He was going with his Mom. He just got hit and she dragged him all the way up to the middle of the street," said Aboobiada Ali Abdullah, Muhammad's father.

Muhammed's father confirmed that the collision on the side street near Highway 59 was fatal.

"I come running here and find he has passed way. He's at hospital now," said Ali Abdullah.

It was a life lost before the eyes of Muhammad's mother.

"She saw her son die in front of her, of course she is going to scream," said Ali Abdullah.

In a statement hours after the crash, HPD investigators said the woman behind the wheel of a black GMC Acadia struck the little boy in the crosswalk, but doesn't appear to be at fault for the accident.

The victim's grieving father disagrees.

"When they was crossing the street the Metro bus is stopped. The lady driving the black car, she didn't stop or make a right look. She hit the boy and dragged him," said Ali Abdullah.

Counselors were made available at KIPP Connect for both students and families.