How to save on auto insurance while working remotely

Many drivers wonder if they can save money on auto insurance now that they're not driving as much during the stay-home order.

For customers who are struggling to pay bills, many auto insurance carriers say they will offer payment plans, delayed payments, or drop late fees.

Camille Garcia with the Insurance Council of Texas says to begin by calling your agent to explore your options.

She also says customers can ask about reducing coverage levels. Just be careful not to go below what your auto loan requires or the state minimum.

"Here in Texas you have a state legal liability limit, so those minimums are $30,000, $60,000, $25,000," said Garcia.

If you're driving less frequently, you may be able to switch to a mileage-based plan. Some insurance companies even offer devices for your car that automatically reduce your rates when you drive fewer miles.

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"Those of us who might be using telematics, those are those devices that some carriers put in your car that measures your driving habits or miles driven," said Garcia.

You can also consider removing a driver from a policy, or raising your deductibles to save money.

"If it's $250, and you know you can afford $500 or $1000," explained Garcia.

But Garcia warns drivers not to cancel their insurance if you can avoid it. You may still need to drive the car, plus a lapse in insurance can drive up your rates when you renew.

"Typically when you don't have insurance or there's been a lapse in insurance, that will adversely affect your future rates," said Garcia.

Instead, she says consider suspending or pausing your insurance, but try to maintain comprehensive coverage in case the car is damaged while sitting idle.

"If you have hail damage to your car, if your car is flooded, that's where that coverage is going to come from," said Garcia.

The Simple Dollar lists what major insurance companies are doing to help. If your insurer is not on the list, contact them directly.

While you're sitting at home is also a great time to shop around for lower-cost insurance.