Houstonians to star in upcoming film about Hurricane Harvey

Shooting for the film “Harvey” is underway right here in the Houston area.

As the title suggests, the film is about the devastation from Hurricane Harvey and how it brought people together. There are also local Houstonians that have seen the worst that Harvey brought to our area.

The Saldivar brothers lost six family members when their van drifted into the flood waters. They wanted to be a part of the movie to honor their family. 

"This movie company wants to put mom and dad in a film, and that’s important to me. That’s important to me. And if I don’t take this chance now, chances are I may not get another chance,” said Ric Saldivar.

Saul Obergon used his food truck to feed thousands of evacuees and first responders.

“It’s special because we were, we were there. We were there not as actors or anything. We were there as actual patriots serving the crowd and the people, you know, and giving back to the city. So I think that there’s really no acting needed, you know. We just doing our job being natural,” Obergon said. 

There’s only a few weeks left for filming before they head into post production. The premiere for "Harvey" is slated for late August, on the one-year anniversary.