Houstonians mourn the loss of Randy Schell

Randy Schell was know for many things, but a big passion of his was skydiving.

"We were just good jumping buddies, we did a lot of organized jumps together and things like that, really nice guy", says Mike Fisher who knew Schell from jumping together at Skydive Spaceland.

Fisher met him a few years back and was at the facility Saturday morning when the accident happened. Schell's parachute had already deployed when he and fellow friend Denis Wolf collided. Schell died doing what he loved and Wolf was badly injured.

"That's a family out there, is like a community and he's like hey Mike, doing good and you never think that is going to be the last time you talk to somebody", says Fisher.

Schell was a member of the KLOL radio family for years and that's where he met long time friend Dayna Steele. "He was the most zen of all of us, everybody else, it was crazy, it was the 80's it was radio everybody was always kind of just going to he walk on everything and Randy was always just very even, very zen ya", says Steele.

Schell was also a voice over artist for AMC's show "The Walking Dead", did commercial spots and had many other jobs, including one with FOX 26 Houston.

Our own Joel Mathiason worked with him and says, "you hear his voice all over the country, you can go to any city in the United States, turn on the radio and you will hear a Randy Schell commercial".

Many say he was a calm, happy man that got along with everyone. He was well known in the radio community and touched the heart of many Houstonians.

"I know not having Randy on our team is going to be a huge loss for Fox 26 and My 20, I mean just professionally speaking we are going to miss him a lot", says Mathiason.

Friends tell us Denis Wolf suffered a shattered tibia and has had to have surgery. He is expected to recover.

A memorial service will be held for Schell Wednesday at 7:30 pm at the Houston Samurai Karate Dojo.