Houston police says 'Help Us, Help You'

Houston Police Department

The Houston Police Department is seeking to inform citizens how to file an online police report for cases of theft and criminal mischief by visiting the HPD website.

The online service is not a substitute for reporting emergencies and can only be used for crimes with the following certain set of conditions:

- The theft or criminal mischief incident is NOT an emergency

- The theft or criminal mischief incident is not over $5,000 in value

- The theft or criminal mischief incident is non-vehicle related

- There is no evidence

- There are no suspects or witnesses

- No injuries occurred

Anyone who uses the online service must have a valid, functioning e-mail address and must be the actual crime victim.

The service is not for citizens to report a stolen vehicle or burglary.

To file an online report based on the approved conditions, visit http://www.houstontx.gov/police/online_report.htm.

The HPD Help Us, Help You campaign is aimed at sharing information and educating citizens on crime prevention and promoting public safety in the city.