Houston Officer Giving Thanksgiving Meals For The Homeless

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A Houston police officer is doing more than protecting and serving.  He's making this Thanksgiving holiday special for many in the community where he patrols.  A hot meal and a warm heart are two pretty cool things Houston Police Officer Sheldon Theragood is offering the homeless this holiday.  “I’m always trying to be a good leader, a good role model and when the kids see me as a police officer and a citizen out here doing something good, just a young guy impacting lives, I think they’ll want to do something just the same as me,” smiles Theragood.

Plenty of kids are right alongside him helping, serving up meals and giving good conversation to men and women who likely haven't had much of either recently.

“Being out on the streets like this you're just ignored, you're constantly ignored,” says Evelynne Balliet.

The youngsters who are volunteering are also learning life lessons.

“To be grateful, that's the main thing because I do take things for granted like taking a shower every day, brushing my teeth, combing my hair,” explains 16 year old Dakota Jackson. 

“It made me feel warm inside.  It made me feel good,” smiles 15 year old Devin Jones.

Dozens of homeless men and women are lining up outside for the only Thanksgiving celebration they'll have.  Officer Theragood does this as part of what he calls "TheraGood Deeds".  “So they know that somebody actually cares about them”.

This is the second year Officer Theragood is hosting his special Thanksgiving meal and he says it definitely won't be the last “and it’s growing so I’m thinking next year it’s going to be amazing”.

How's the meal?  One man sitting, eating gives the Thanksgiving meal a big thumbs up as he continues to eat.

“I'm always here for these guys any time they need me.  They've got my person cell phone number,” says Officer Theragood.

Many spent the event counting their blessings this Thanksgiving.  “I'm thankful for my family.  I'm thankful for God,” smiles 7 year old Spencer.  Spencer says he's also thankful to be here volunteering.  “Because we get to feed the homeless and give them hats and coats”.