Houston leaders show support for U.S. Rep. who received death threats

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You may have heard the recordings, the death threats phoned in to Congressman Al Green. Now Houston leaders are speaking out, saying staying silent sends a message of acceptance.

Area civil rights activists and faith based leaders say they are standing physically and figuratively with Congressman Al Green.  Last month Green began getting death threats following the congressman calling for President Donald Trump to be impeached.  “You ain’t gonna impeach nobody you f***** n*****.  Try it and we’ll lynch all of you f****** n******.  You’ll be hanging from a tree,” is just a portion of what one caller said.   

The words are hateful and horrifying as several callers threaten to lynch Congressman Green after the congressman spoke out in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump.

”Human life is too sacred and our differences politically and ideologically should never be strong enough to cause us not to stand on the principle of love and freedom and freedom of speech,” says Bishop James Dixon pastor of Houston’s Community of Faith Church.

Houston clergy and civil leaders are rallying for Congressman Green and speaking out against what they call hateful, unacceptable, threatening behavior.

”We will not stand for hate,” adds M.J. Khan with the Islamic Society of Greater Houston.

Reverend William Lawson has been standing for what's right since marching with Dr. Martin Luther King decades ago.  “Unfortunately this kind of hatred was allowed in the 1960's and it was not at all strange”. 

Reverend Lawson and those supporting Congressman Green say the only way to fight hate is to openly condemn it together.

“If you don't condemn it, you must condone it,” says Bishop Dixon.

“We must face hate, and I've made up my mind I will not cower,” explains Congressman Green.

After denouncing the death threats, the group prayed for the congressman's safety.  He is now also traveling with bodyguards.

”They are armed and their job is to protect me,” says Rep. Green.

Fortunately there have not been any new threats in the last few days.  “We are still getting ugly calls but we are not getting calls to the extent that we received early with some of the graphic language”.              

The group wants law enforcement to identify and charge those responsible for the death threats.  The United States Capitol Police Department is heading the investigation.