Houston boy with rare genetic disorder in urgent need of white blood cells

Andre Horn has been a fighter all his life. He was born premature and diagnosed with Coffin-Siris Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. Only 200 cases have been reported since the disorder was first described in 1970, according to the National Organization of Rare Disorders.

Andre is 8-years-old now and has regular doctors' visits. About a month, a regular visit took a sudden turn.

"We were sitting in the waiting room and my baby head dropped," said his mother, Candace Hutch Horn.

He was rushed to Texas Children's Hospital, where's he's been since.

"They come back and tell me, 'Your son's white blood cells are gone, gone completely,'" she remembered.

Candace says Andre was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. A rare, serious blood disorder further straining his already fragile body.

Candace is only asking for two things.

"Just white blood cells and prayers. No matter what your blood type is," she urged.

Candace cannot donate because she has multiple sclerosis. When family would not help her, she decided to reach out to healthy Houstonians.

"The Houstonians, anybody that's out there, could you please with my son? I'm not asking for money. I'm not asking for anything. I just want my son to get back well, up and going, so he can come home," she said fighting back tears.

Donating white blood cells is an involved process over several days.

Potential donors must contact MD Anderson Blood Bank at 713-792-7777 to set up an appointment. For information about the 3-step process, click here. The potential donor should specify the collection is for Andre Horn at Texas Children's Hospital.

It would mean the world to Candace to her Andre back to his usual energetic, happy self.