Houston Astros All-Star Pitcher Framber Valdez talks life outside of baseball

All Star Houston Astros pitcher Framber Valdez is having his best year yet. He sat down exclusively with reporter Coco Dominguez to talk about how he came to this moment.

He says he feels great, very thankful of the work he’s putting in and the work that he is doing for the team. He‘s feeling happy and positive.


Framber recently traveled back home to the Dominican Republic to build a church that he promised to the community.

When Framber was young he grew up Christian, very religious with his parents and sibling, always going to church, and was never outside past 9 p.m. He didn’t really learn about the streets, alcohol or the outside world until he was about 20-years-old. 

It was a very peaceful childhood, safe and free from danger, very different from the world we know today.


Framber says he’s grateful for it all, including his latest endorsement with Ricos gourmet cheese. He didn’t realize it would be that good until he tasted it and took a big box home full of goodie’s for his family.

Valdez has three sons and hopes they also want to play baseball, which can help keep them on the right path.

So how does he get pumped up for a game? By listening to El Alfa with his teammates before he steps out energized and full of adrenaline.

He says he likes to dance a lot of Bachata, also a little salsa, but he is a Bachatero at heart.