Houston-area beekeepers worry about murder hornets

Social media has been buzzing with news of an invasion of hornets that’s been spotted for the first time in the United States.

This of course concerning many local beekeepers.

“My concern is that we won’t have any protection for the bees, I mean they are supposed to be able to decimate the colonies in like no time,“ says Michelle Yarbrough of M & M Honey.

Michelle and her husband Mark are beekeepers who produce local honey, and offer live bee removal service.

They are worried that this invasive species, nicknamed the “Murder Hornet” could make its way to the Houston area.

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They have already been reported in Washington state.

“It’s going to be bad news if it comes anywhere else. They kill all of the adult honeybees, and they go after the honeybee larva, so it kills the next generation of bees,” says Yarbrough.

(Washington State Department of Agriculture)

That means a devastating loss to our ecosystem.

Honey bees help with pollination, which helps produce our food. Over the years honey bee populations have been on the decline due to pesticides, environmental issues, parasites, and predators like the Murder Hornet. It’s a constant battle that beekeepers deal with to protect their colonies.

Yarbrough tells FOX 26, “I really hope, if we don’t get this under control, I really hope they get it under control, but if they don’t get it under control then it can be bad news for all of the honeybees.“