HIV awareness: Treatment as prevention

With concerns over a rise in HIV cases right here in our own community, FOX 26 has teamed up with the Houston Health Department for the I Am Life campaign in hopes of bringing awareness about the disease.

Amber David with the Houston Health Department spoke on Houston’s Morning Show about treatment as prevention.

“That means if a person has HIV and they adhere to their medication and they bring their viral load down, which we're now using the phrase ‘undetectable’, they have a less likely chance of transmitting,” David said. “So what we're trying to do is keep the virus at a level where a person is not infectious. We're using now the phrase undetectable equals untransmittable.”

David also stressed the importance of people taking their medication as directed.

“It needs to be a part of your daily regimen, your care,” David said. “Because we're living longer. Over 55 percent of our cases are now over 50 because of the innovation of treatment as prevention.”