HISD recapture payment discussed at town hall

Houston Independent School District is bringing the topic of "recapture" back up to voters. There's been a big change since residents cast their ballots in November.

The district's $163-million recapture obligation has been lowered by the state to $77-million.

Under the state "recapture" policy, H.I.S.D. is considered "property wealthy," meaning they make more in property tax revenue per student than the state deems necessary. The policy, meant to redistribute that surplus to lower-income districts, requires H.I.S.D. to either pay some of that surplus back to the state in the form of attendance credits or to permanently detach the equivalent tax revenue from some commercial properties within the district.

In November, voters decided by a 67% majority to not pay the state and instead accept the permanent re-allocation of tax revenue from some commercial properties within the district to their neighbors at Alief I.S.D.

"The board decided that because conditions have changed, they are going to put it back on the ballot," said H.I.S.D. Superintendent Richard Carranza at a town hall at Tinsley Elementary on Wednesday evening, hosted by Board Trustee Wanda Adams.
The vote will be held May 6th.

For more information on the recapture policy, and the upcoming vote, visit www.houstonisd.org/recapture.