Heavy Weight Musik dancers are fan favorite at Rockets games

You may have seen them at the Toyota Center during Houston Rockets games. They captivate their audiences as Heavy Weight Musik -- they're Tripl3 P and Lil A.

"We've been dancing for a while and it's just something we love doing. We love music. We love everything about dancing, entertaining the crowd and having fun," Lil A says.

Tripl3 P says in the beginning it was just about having fun.

"We would go out to a bar, a party or whatever just having fun. But then people started recording us and people saw dollar signs or views or viral videos," Tripl3 P.

They decided to use that to their advantage and started making their own videos.

Besides dancing, Triple3 P and Lil A also make music.

"So whenever we do concerts we like to do both. We like to do our music and dance. It's just entertainment," Lil A says.