Health officials worry public will let their guard down during reopening

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, states across the US continue to reopen their economies, health care officials worry that too many people are letting their guard down as well.
The videos shared across Instagram and Twitter from Memorial Day Weekend show large crowds packed into a pool party at Cle Houston in Midtown. The popular club parties from day to night, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social distancing: What to do and what not to do to slow the spread of COVID-19

Hardly any in the video appeared to have any regard for social distancing or wearing a mask in public.

On FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace, White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx reemphasized the need for people to act responsibly as they reintegrate into society.

"We now have excellent scientific evidence of how far droplets go when we speak. Or just simply talking to one another. We know it’s important for people to socially interact but we also know it’s important that we have masks on if we’re less than six feet and that we have to maintain that six feet distance," Dr. Birx said. 

As more restrictions are lifted across the country, Dr. Birx also expressed concern over “super spreader events” that tend to attract massive crowds.  


Lately, wearing a mask has become a highly politicized issue. Those refusing to do so claim that it infringes upon their rights.  

Last week, a video of a Costco employee confronting an unmasked customer to respect the store's new safety rules or leave, went viral. The customer stated that he was refusing to wear a mask because he "woke up in a free country." 

However, not everyone is vehemently opposed to 2020’s new wardrobe staple.

Some took to Twitter to express their frustrations. 


On Sunday, Mayor Sylvester Turner and Houston’s sweetheart, 5-time Olympic medalist, gymnast Simone Biles released a PSA asking all Houstonians to mask up.