Grocery delivering robots coming to Houston

Seeing a driverless car pull up to your front doorstep with your grocery order inside seems surreal and futuristic. But, it's about to become a reality at two Kroger locations in the Bayou City.

"I went and touched the screen and put my pin in and the doors opened. It was so simple," 

Houston is the second city in the U.S. behind Scottsdale, Arizona to utilize the technology by robotics company, Nuro. Customers can place their orders online for same day or next day delivery service, seven days a week.

The service is a welcomed upgrade among many customers, especially those that are elderly or disabled.

"I can only stand up for a few minutes here but I’m getting better. I had a back injury and I also had cancer too," says customer Angela Johnson. "I think it’s wonderful, if it works. I hope it’s not too expensive."

It sounds extremely convenient, but surprisingly, other customers weren't keen on the idea.

"I actually enjoy driving here and physically picking the stuff off the shelf. I like looking at the expiration date of things and checking the prices," says customer Chris Wang. "I’m not the kind of person to order something online because I live pretty close." 

Some just simply enjoy shopping in the traditional way.

"Actually, I would not utilize it because one of my great pleasures is coming to the grocery store," says Frank Neukomm. "This is a food based Disneyland for adults in there!"

A flat fee of $5.95 will be charged to customers using the service. The delivery cars will service a total of four zip codes from two locations, at Buffalo Speedway and South Post Oak. Upon launching, self driving Prius models will be used, with the smaller robotic models entering the market later on.