Grand surprise for philanthropist & his daughters

He has helped hundreds of children in Houston, but few knew that he was in need himself. A major surprise brought the beloved Houston philanthropist to tears.

Mythiquer Pickett, who was honored by Houston Mayor as a humanitarian of the year for his non-profit organization We See Abilities, has helped children with special needs and even developed a pageant called Mr. Wonderful.

Throughout the years, Pickett has organized shoe and backpack giveaways for Houston children, an example of his dedication to serving others.

When Pickett's friends visited his apartment unit, they realized that the single father had no furniture, few clothes and had been sleeping on the floor with his two daughters. Pickett's friends rallied to help him.

"After his story got to our desk, in under 24 hours, we were able to put together a plan to get these resources to this family," said Caitlyn Pesl from Houston Children's Charity. 

While Pickett was away from his home, his friends and members of Houston Children's Charity arranged to bring beds, furniture, groceries and school supplies into the unit.

"I'm totally shocked that all these people that I know and love, I work with and I help," Pickett told FOX 26 News. "I had no idea." Just as surprised were his daughters Abby and Bella.

What may be most impressive about Pickett is his resilience. He was abandoned by his mother as a child and at one time was homeless. Those obstacles never altered his spirit of giving.

"I'm really just blown away," added Pickett. "Loss for words right now."