Glenn Lakes Pharmacy offers more than just medicine

A unique pharmacy in Missouri City does a lot more than dispense medicine.  You can shop and enjoy a meal at Glenn Lakes Pharmacy, as well.

Mona Finley is the owner who has been operating it for 25 years.

"It has been very rewarding, a humbling experience to get to know people and their children and see their children grow up over the 25-year span. It's the old-fashioned mom 'n pop atmosphere where we know the people one-on-one and we treat them like family," states Mona. 

Her patrons keep coming back for more because of that.

"It's very homey, very personable, they have gift-wrapping, a deli, you can get your prescriptions here," states Sandy Holley.  "I manage a senior living property, and these are some residents that live on the property. And we love to help out and support communities - so we came here to support Ms. Mona."

Other ladies enjoy the boutique side of the pharmacy and look forward to wrapping-up the experience with a butterbeer milkshake.

"My family fell in love with butterbeer. When we got back to the store, I couldn't wait to put it together with our homemade ice cream. So we created a non-alcoholic butterbeer milkshake, a total Harry Potter theme," Mona laughs.

Glenn Lakes is also a compounding pharmacy, and they create items here that are often not commercially available.

"We customize prescriptions depending on the patient's order. So we compound sterile and non-sterile medications for both humans and animals too," states Mona.  Then she specializes in making sure her clients understand everything about their prescriptions.

Glenn Lakes is one of the only pharmacies in the area where you can pick up your prescriptions, shop for some fancy-shmancy stuff, even buy furniture, all while enjoying a homemade milkshake.

The pharmacy is located at 640 Glenn Lakes Lane, Missouri City, TX 77459.

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