Funeral home director in custody battle denies shocking allegations

After yet another day of graphic and shocking testimony lodged against him, Noe Santana, director of Santana Funeral Home, leaves the court holding hands with his 18-year-old daughter.

“The only issue is who gets custody of Sophia Santana, that’s it,” said Santana’s attorney, Carlos Rodriguez.

That six-year-old girl and her 18-year-old sister are daughters Santana had with his former mistress, Marcella Ortiz.

The jury that will decide who gets custody of the six-year-old has got a lot of wild testimony to sift through.

On Tuesday, five girls testified under oath that Santana touched them inappropriately while they were underage. Under oath, Santana, denied touching any girl inappropriately.

There would be even more shocking testimony from the defense.

“There are witnesses who’ve seen him grope dead bodies,” said Ortiz’s attorney Julie Ketterman. “We have evidence that he himself filmed bodies being cremated that he would send to various people that he would have his own daughter watch.”

We tried to get a response from Santana’s attorney Rodriguez, but he told us he couldn’t comment on the evidence but, “when the case is over I’ll be glad to make sure Mr. Santana’s name is clean and clear and that his reputation is intact as it should be.”

The testimony resumes on Thursday.