Frank's Americana Revival owner says someone broke in, stole employee assistance fund

It’s the worst of times for a lot of businesses in Houston, including Frank’s Americana Revival Restaurant where the owner says someone broke in and stole money set aside to help employees.

Michael Shine says business is down around 75 percent, but people have been leaving cash tips to help out staff. He had planned to count staff hours and split the money among them Sunday, but early that morning, someone in a hoodie broke into a window and climbed in.

Surveillance video caught a photo of the person who reportedly trashed the restaurant’s office before getting away with liquor, a tool box, an iPad and the employee assistance fund of a few thousand dollars.


Shine says he wants other business owners to be on alert for thieves taking advantage of hard times. “Hopefully they can do things to protect themselves,” he says.

“It’s going to get more difficult. Criminals are going to do more criminal things, and people that aren’t criminals may become criminals because they’re going to be more distraught and more upset and more out-of-control,” he adds.

Shine says he hopes to come up with another way to help his employees although overall profits are down. If you know anything about the break-in, please call Houston police.