Fort Bend County sheriff claims commissioners want to remove him

Upon hearing that Fort Bend County Judge KP George and County Commissioners were discussing his position after the announcement of his exploratory committee for Congress, Sheriff Troy Nehls took to Twitter to blow off some steam saying:

"The FBC Comm Court intends to discuss removing me from office today at their 1p meeting. The Dem County Judge has even met with other Dems to choose who 'he' would appoint to replace me. I've done nothing wrong. A Dem-led witch-hunt has now entered FBC. Sad!"

Judge KP George told FOX 26 he was sorry Sheriff Nehls felt this way, but was only trying to address a concern from a constituent wondering if the sheriff was in violation of an article in the state constitution that if you hold office and make an announcement that you're running for another office with more than a year left in your term, you must re-sign from that office. 

Judge KP George says they were just looking for clarity.

"Since commissioners Court cannot talk to each other about an issue and I consulted with county attorney and he said the best way a commissioners court can talk about and learn about what it is adding it on, anything we talk about we have to add it on the agenda," George said.

Sheriff Nehls wished he was approached before this item was added to the agenda.

"I think it's just, I mean let's have a casual conversation and I would've been more than happy to explain my position to the County judge, because quite honestly I don't think he understands it," he says.

It seems there is now a clear understanding that the Sheriff will continue his term in office.

"There was no action intended, there was no action expected, and there was no action," George said.