Father's fight for son continues

A Houston father fighting to get his son back has new hope.

His son's grandparents appeared in federal court Monday. They're facing kidnapping charges for allegedly helping their daughter keep their grandson from his father.

Chris Brann hasn't seen his son since 2013 when his wife, during a divorce, took the boy to Brazil for her brother's wedding. She never came back.

Carlos and Jemima Guimaraes were nabbed while traveling to Miami. Their attorney says they're innocent.

“Oh this is incredibly difficult. We're talking about two people, grandparents, 67 years old who have been in custody now for two weeks,” Mr. Guimaraes’s attorney Rusty Hardin says. “You folks have only heard one side of this thing.  These people are not guilty of kidnapping.”

The bond hearing is Wednesday.

Chris Brann is on the Factor with an update.