Family terrorized as woman believes her daughter was kidnapped

A family shares its story with FOX 26 News -- a woman says her family was terrorized on Wednesday when she was told her daughter was pistol-whipped and being held for ransom.

A man had contacted 19-year-old Kaylee and told her that her father was involved in a car accident. What Kaylee didn't know is that the man called her randomly and was able to get personal information out of her and demanded that he speak with her mother Tiffani. Once Tiffani was part of a three-way call, the man disconnected the call with Kaylee and then lied to Tiffani, telling her that he had taken Kaylee hostage.

The man on the phone had demanded $5,000 and two Go Phone cards. Tiffani was ordered to drive to a Houston-area CVS Pharmacy store and told that her daughter would be killed if she didn't comply.

"He said, 'Let me just tell you I'm going to blow her brains out, put her body in her gold Lexus and burn it if you don't do what I say!,'" During the conversation, Tiffani was able to distract the man long enough to send text messages and was able to confirm her daughter was safe.

The horrific ordeal lasted around an hour and a half and the family is safe, but the experience has left them emotionally scarred. Kaylee says she feared for her mother's life when they couldn't get a hold of Tiffani while she was speaking to the alleged kidnapper, and "not taking each other for granted because you know when we are in a situation where we think we're going to lose each other it was probably one of the most terrifying moments like of my life."

The Houston Police Department is classifying the incident as a terroristic threat and are continuing the investigation into the man who made those calls. Tiffani's advice to anyone who finds themselves in a situation like this is to remain calm and take any opportunity when it's safe to contact police.