Family, supporters of Rodney Reed rally at Texas Capitol

Texas Death Row Inmate Rodney Reed has been moved into the Bastrop County Jail ahead of his appeal hearing on July 19. 

Reed was convicted in 1998 for the death of Stacey Stites. For over 20 years, Reed has claimed he is innocent. A rally happened at the Capitol Saturday to call for his release.

"Since my brother has been locked up, it's been like one long nightmare that we can wake up from," said Rodrick Reed, brother of Rodney Reed.

For the past two decades, Rodrick Reed’s life has been on pause trying to get justice for his brother, Rodney. "This is about life and death. His life is on the line."

Rodney Reed has been on death row ever since he was convicted for the 1998 murder of Stacey Stites in Bastrop County. Rodney has maintained his innocence and his brother has always stood behind him.

"I got into this because we knew my brother was innocent. We knew that beyond any shadow of a doubt," said Rodrick.

Rodney was released from death row and sent back to the Bastrop County Jail for now ahead of his appeal hearing July 19th. He has had previous appeal hearings, but the outcomes never changed his sentence. Rodrick believes this hearing will be different.

"My brother is innocent, and we have mounds of evidence in medical forensic science proving his innocence," said Rodrick,

Weeks before the hearing is set to happen in Bastrop County, dozens of people stood with Rodrick at the Capitol gates to show their support to free Rodney Reed.

"We will not go anywhere until we get justice. Not just for him, but for Stacy Stites as well," said Rodrick.

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