Family gives look inside the home where a truck crashed all the way through

A Katy family gave FOX 26 an exclusive look inside their home as they told of the moment they discovered a pickup truck had carved a hole through their living room, play room, and computer room—creating a tunnel from the back to the front yard.

“It’s very shocking,” said the homeowner Kuncara Sukasdadi. “Even now it’s a lot of things to digest; a lot of things to repair.”

The Sukasdadi family is now looking for a place to stay while they try to salvage what’s left of their home.

“They told me that a car hit my house,” said Sukasdadi who found out about the crash while at work Thursday morning. “I didn’t know how big of a damage it was.”

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s officials say Celso Pu Ajucum, 29, from Guatemala, drove his truck off a dead end in the Kelliwood Terrace subdivision, crossing into the Willow Park Greens subdivision, and going all the way through the Sukasdadi family’s home at about 9:30 a.m.

“We probably are home during that time usually,” said Sukasdadi’s wife Mina Batubara, who looks after their four-year-old son. “I would be working on the computer and he’d be playing by me—just exactly all the places that the car crashed into.”

Despite the damage, the family is counting its blessings.

“We were shocked, but we’re blessed that God has given us a second chance to live—like literally,” said Batubara.

As for the driver, he’s now in Fort Bend County Jail under an ICE hold.