Family, friends mourn woman killed in H-E-B vehicle accident

The woman who was killed in a bizarre vehicle accident inside an H-E-B grocery store will be laid to rest on Monday. Friends and family of 35-year-old Karla Sanchez gathered for a prayer service on Sunday night at the Compean Funeral Home in southeast Houston. One week ago, no one in the packed chapel would have ever thought they could be saying goodbye to the young mother of three.                

“It's a big shock,” Sarai Sanchez told FOX 26 News. “You never imagine that's one of your loved ones there.”                
Sarai, Karla’s sister-in-law, says it’s hard to know what to think when you get a call about a vehicle crashing into an H-E-B store.

A 74-year-old woman was reversing her vehicle out of a handicapped parking spot when the car accelerated quickly. The vehicle crashed through the glass doors of the store and struck people standing at the cash register lanes.
“She was a wonderful woman,” said Sarai outside the prayer service. “She did everything for her kids. And that day it happened, she saved her daughter and her sister." Karla had pushed the two relatives out of the direct path of the vehicle, but she was not able to save herself. Her sister-in-law said the family struggles to understand why Karla couldn’t have been among the survivors.

“Only God knows,” said Sarai. “He's the one that decides when we leave from this Earth.”

Karla leaves behind a husband and three children, ages 9, 8, and 2. Sarai explained that it’s too hard to explain to them right now that their mother is gone.

“My brother is staying strong for his kids,” said Sarai.  “Now he has to be a mom and a dad to them.”