EXCLUSIVE: Friends of murdered teen speak out after Drake dedicates Houston concert to her

It's been one month since Missouri City Police found 19-year-old Sabrina Herrera's body in the trunk of her car. Authorities have since charged Herrera's ex-boyfriend with her murder. On Saturday night, one of the most influential rappers rallied Houston concert-goers to celebrate her life.

In front of thousands of fans at the Toyota Center Saturday night, Drake began his Houston concert a little differently, giving a shoutout and dedicating the entire show to Sabrina Herrera. The 19-year-old had VIP meet-and-greet tickets that night, but never got the chance to meet one of her favorite artists. 

"There's a young girl by the name of Sabrina Herrera. She was supposed to be at the show tonight. I was supposed to meet her tonight. But unfortunately, about four weeks ago, she was killed. I don't mean to bring the mood down, but I want to make this night about her. I want to celebrate her life tonight. So Houston, Texas, she was from Houston, so let's make some noise, I want to do this for Sabrina tonight," Drake said. 

Alana Johnson has been one of Sabrina's closest friends, since the two danced together at Elkins High School. She said Drake's touching message inspired her to speak out for the first time since Sabrina's murder. 

"I didn't cry when I first saw the video. It was more of a loss of words. I was speechless," Alana said. 

For Alana, the emotions come and go, but Drake's message also put into perspective just how gruesome Sabrina's murder was. 

"I was so hurt and heartbroken. You just never imagine what happened to her. It was the way she died. It wasn't something you could prepare for," Alana said. 

Last month, police found Sabrina's body in the trunk of her car, after her family tracked their missing daughter's phone using the "Find My Friends" app. 

Authorities have since charged her ex-boyfriend, 20-year-old Troy Parker, with her murder, along with tampering with physical evidence with intent to impair and abusing a corpse. 

In an effort to honor her, Alana has since been desperately clinging on to any memory of the 19-year-old-- wearing Sabrina's uniform, which was handed down to her from Sabrina, and decorating her locker with pictures of them together. 

But no matter how much time passes by, Alana said she can't stop thinking about all the unanswered questions-- like why? And how?

"It taught me you know, you have to be careful. When someone shows you their true colors, believe them the first time. Instead of you know, giving them so many chances. She was so sweet and so kind. No one deserves to die like this. Especially not Sabrina," Alana said. 

Authorities are still waiting for autopsy results to determine exactly how Sabrina died.

Alana said Sabrina was an aspiring nurse, and the day she died was her first day of school.