Equusearch founder touched by latest case

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He's known for searching for the missing, including Natalee Holloway in Aruba, but now Tim Miller is seeking custody of a teenager who's body was recovered in Houston on Saturday.  

15-year old Abigail English is touching the hearts of so many people who couldn't help her in her young very difficult life.  

"She touched my heart the minute I got called on this case," explains Tim Miller the Founder of Texas Equusearch.  

Now that the teen, who spent more than a decade in foster care, has passed Miller is determined to give her the love and family she longed for.  

As Miller stood at the gravesite of his teen daughter Laura Miller, he explained why Abigail now belongs there too.  

"This will be their girls area where they can talk and joke forever".
Miller's group Texas Equusearch looked for the missing 15 year old and found her body Saturday in these woods near her grandmother's Shore Acres home.  

Abby was missing a month and no one was looking for her.  "It's kind of like Laura said 'Dad you got to do something here'.  
Deborah Dreyer is Abby's mother.  She says she lost custody of her daughter due to drug addiction when abby was 2 years old.  

In November 2015, Abby moved in with her maternal grandmother, finally getting her long time wish to live with family.  

"And three plus months later (she) ends up 600 feet from the front door dead for thirty plus days.  Abby has never had a chance in life. She's been in foster care 13 years. The only thing she wanted was a family," says Miller.

"This life just chewed her up. At 15 years old that's just unforgivable," cries Love Tay a LaPorte High School Counselor.  Tay was just getting to know the 15 year old who was new to town from California and dreamed of meeting her biological family. "She said Miss Love I had a fantasy of family and this isn't it".
"She's only one of thousands of our throwaway children in America. We have a problem," adds Miller.  

Penelope Yeamans, Abby's paternal grandmother says her son also lost custody because of drug addiction.  She says she wanted Abby but couldn't afford an attorney.  "In essence that's what it would be buying her back.  I don't have $10,000".
After years or being bounced around Miller says he's going to give the teen a final resting place right by his daughter and by Heidi Villareal Faye who like Laura was abducted and murdered in the 1980's and their bodies were found in what became known as the killing fields.

 "Abby's been moved enough. This move to Shore Acres should be her last move.

 She should be allowed to have her final place of rest here in Texas.  The good news is she's with her Lord Jesus," cries Shore Acres City Councilwoman Nancy Schnell.  it's so sad that a child doesn't make it to 16.
"I really want that for Abby and I want her buried by Laura so our family can have a place to go honor her memory," says Abby's biological mom.
"It would give me peace to know there was a place I could go and see her," adds the teen's paternal grandmother.

 "I want to try to get custody of this little baby.  She deserves the funeral.  She deserves the headstone.  She deserves a family," explains Miller.  Miller is also seeking approval from the state of California since the teen was still in CPS custody there.

Abby would have turned 16 years old tomorrow, April 26, 2016.  A sweet 16 vigil is scheduled for Tuesday night (April 26th) there by the woods where her body was found.  An autopsy hasn't yet revealed how Abby died.