Emmy Award-winning violinist to perform in Houston

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Two-time Emmy Award-winning violinist, Damien Escobar, will perform one night only at Warehouse Live.

The 29 year old classically trained violinist was accepted into the Julliard School at age 9.

It was when he was 16 years old that his older brother steered him away from classical music to hip-hop.

Escobar was reluctant at first, but took on the challenge to mix both genres.

Today, he performs all over the world, and doesn’t just limit his music to hip-hop, but to all genres of music.

As a result, his audiences spans all ages and backgrounds.

Escobar tells us "during my shows I told them to turn the lights on and I'll see a grandmother with a mother with a daughter that's three generations and they come up to me and tell me that you gave me something to have in common with my child and that's bigger than me."

His latest album “Boundless” drops in June, but you can catch him on Tuesday, April 26th at Warehouse Live. The show begins at 8pm.