eMeals can help families plan meals, save money

Now that kids are starting the school year, many parents could use help with meal planning, especially if the kids are at home and needing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One meal planning app says it can not only make it easy, it can save you $2,000 a year.

Houston wife and mom, Stephanie Arizmendi, gets her cooking inspiration from eMeals.

"You can choose what types of meals you want to cook, whether it's vegetarian or you're on a budget, or clean eating," she explained.

eMeals is an app that helps you plan, shop, and cook meals using easy recipes.

"They're pretty user friendly. They'll tell you on there if they're a 30-minute cook, or an hour and 15 minutes, and if it's kid-friendly," said Arizmendi.

She says she saves money because she directs the app to have the needed groceries delivered.

"I do find since I have options there to choose from, I'm not just buying random things. So I have my list and I stick to it," she told us.


eMeals' Scott Jones says they have 15 different types of meals, from Keto to clean eating, budget-friendly to kid-friendly.

"They have things where the kids can be helping mom and dad prepare foods so they're feeling engaged," he said.

Jones says registered dieticians ensure the recipes are easy and tasty. The app creates a shopping list you can take to the store or have delivered to your door.

"They not only have the meals passed through to our online grocers, they can also add household items, anything they need for that entire week's shopping trip," said Jones. "You're less inclined to impulse buy, you're less inclined to go through a drive-through to pick something up," he said.

"It's just made everything so much easier. We use it almost every week and my husband and I love it so far," said Arizmendi.


eMeals offers customers a free two-week trial. Jones says most customers sign up for a $60 annual plan, which works out to about $5 per month.