Elderly women attacked by pit bulls in north Harris County

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Two pit bulls -- one's mouth covered in blood.  The others’ paw bloodied.  It's these dogs that police say attacked two elderly women in the Cranbrook neighborhood of North Harris County Thursday afternoon. 

“Right now we’re just devastated.  I mean you can see here the blood is on the driveway,” said Angela Ford, whose grandmother was attacked.

86-year-old Ruby Lucky, who is confined to a wheelchair, was attacked by the dogs in her driveway suffering bite wounds to her lower extremities.  She was taken to the hospital in critical but stable condition. 

“’Have you seen these dogs over here before?’ Yes. We are terrified of them,” said Ford.  “Absolute fear for my granny, because the only thing she did wrong was to be defenseless.”

The Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office says a second woman, a neighbor in her 60's, was also attacked by the dogs when she tried to help Ruby.  She, too, was transported in critical but stable condition. The responding deputy shot at least one of the dogs when he arrived on the bloody scene.  

“He’s going to check on the welfare or the injuries of both females when the two dogs exited their residential garage charging our deputy,” said Sgt. Buddy Gheen. 

Despite being shot, the dog survived.  Neighbors were left in shock. 

“I was in the house when I heard shots and I come out and this is what I see. ‘Did that freak you out a little bit when you heard the gunshots?’  Oh yeah, I knew wasn't fireworks,” said Mike Spencer.

Police say the dog owners, who were visibly shaken when hearing what happened, left the garage open allowing the dogs to escape and for some reason  attack.  

“I know it's a tough time but did you guys want to say anything to anybody, the victims or anything?” asked reporter Chris Stipes. 

They didn't have much to say to us. 

Constable Mark Herman says as many as six charges are expected to be filed against the dog owners.  The dogs were taken to the Harris County Animal Control Shelter where they will be euthanized and tested for rabies.