Early voters share opinions on Propositions A & B

We’ve heard what the mayor and firefighters have to say about Proposition B on the ballot in Houston, but how are voters reacting to both Propositions A and B? FOX 26 News posed that question to voters at the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center to get a feel for how people in Houston hope the results will go.  

Voters are arriving to a sea of signs and a plethora of pamphlets passed their way at the polling place, but is that making a difference? Houstonians who spoke with FOX 26 seem to already have their minds made up about Propositions A and B.               

"Asking you to vote yes for Proposition B," yelled one of several Houston firefighters as voters walk by them. "Remember, it’s the last thing on the ballot!”

Both sides for both propositions are and have been campaigning hard.  

"I’m definitely going to vote for B to support our firefighters," explained one woman who didn’t want to give her name. "They’re just really dedicated public servants and I think they deserve it.”  

"Proposition A is good because it helps everybody," added a woman who was rushing into the center to vote. "Proposition B needs to be re-written. It’s not quite fair to everybody.”  

Proposition A will fund projects to improve drainage and roads. Proposition B will give firefighters a raise and according to Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, the 25 percent salary increase would force 1,000 layoffs and cost the City of Houston more than $100 million dollars each year. 

"I just believe they put their lives on the line and they should be paid higher,” said Sharay Davis.  

"The A, I was for. The B, I was against,” one man told FOX 26 as he walked to his car after performing his civic.   

"I’m for them (both propositions)," said Cindy Laviage. "Improvements of our streets, very important. Firefighters' life on the line everyday, equal pay should be there. But Mayor Turner said that if Proposition B passes, it will absolutely drain the city financially.

"I think there’s money from other parts of the city that we can move around," said Anthony Gay. "You can call it creative accounting.” 

"You really have to think about that but they find money for other things so,” added Laviage.  

"We should be able to pay people in positions like police and firefighters whatever they need, whatever they want," said Lawrence Bell. "If we’re going to be top five cities in the United States, we need to act like it.”  

"I guess if I have a general view about propositions, it seems to me we need get to an end of propositions and run the city on a budget,” said Houston voter Pete Seale.