Dog owners say hotel is responsible after their pet is injured

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La Quinta Inns encourage pet owners to bring their dogs and cats with them.

That’s why Garrett LeFevre and his fiancé checked into the La Quinta Inn at 24868 North Freeway in the Woodlands.

LeFevre says their two dogs had been in the room for about 5 hours on Sunday August 14th when the hotel called him.

“Hey do you have a brown dog and I said yes and they said well she’s roaming the hallways and just ran out the front door,” LeFevre said.

The couple quickly returned to the hotel and frantically searched for their Boxer named Molina.

During the hunt they discovered Molina had been hit by a car.

“If it wasn’t for the people who saw her on the side of the road and immediately took her there she wouldn’t have made it,” said LeFevre.

Molina spent three days in I.C.U. at a nearby animal hospital.

She just recently got out and the vet bill is five grand.

When LeFevre asked the hotel manager how Molina got out he says the manager blamed the Boxer.

“Your dog opened up the door and I asked how does my dog open up a door that weighs 50 pounds it’s locked and on tile floor how does that even happen they said we don’t know but she did,” LeFevre said.

LeFevre isn’t blaming a hotel employee but is adamant that someone came into the room.

He says that someone rummaged through their belongings.

Nothing was taken but a Montgomery County sheriff’s deputy is investigating.

The hotel is not corporately owned it’s a franchise.

We spoke to the regional manager for the franchise who told us he couldn’t comment because it’s now being handled by their insurance company.

“About one minute after he talked to you he called me and said this is now an insurance matter we are not willing to help you,” LeFevre said.