Doctor regrets issue that led to patients being tested

Through a spokesperson, neurologist Dr. Peter Johnson says only a small percentage of his patients are involved in this situation and he deeply regrets that this has occurred.

Tonya Pruett says her 21-year-old daughter was referred to Dr. Johnson because she had debilitating migraines. She adds that the doctor recently called her daughter with some disturbing news.

"She immediately called me in a panic and said, 'Mom, I just got a call from the neurologist who did those injections in my neck and he told me I had to go get tested because they might have been contaminated. What do I do?," describes Pruett.

In a letter sent to Pruett’s daughter, Dr. Johnson states, “We have discovered a weakness in infection control practices pertaining to the use of multi-dose medication vials used in injections (you received). Although we are not aware that you or any of our other patients have been exposed to any infectious agents there is a minimal risk of possible exposure to certain blood borne pathogens. Patients receiving these letters are being advised to get tested for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV.”

"As a mom, I really just want to go sit in the corner and cry and say, 'Why did this happen? How did this happen?,” says Pruett.

A spokesperson for Dr. Johnson sent FOX 26 News the following statement on Thursday: 

Recently Dr. Johnson identified an issue with a sterile technique involving certain procedures performed on a small percentage of patients in his practice. The issue has since been fully addressed and corrected.

The statement goes on to say, "Out of an abundance of caution, he elected to voluntarily notify each of these patients of the issue. The majority of patients who could have been impacted have already been notified and tested. As expected no harm has been found to have resulted to any individual. Communication with the few remaining patients he has not been able to reach is underway and they too will be offered testing as a precaution."

The doctor’s statement and his letter to patients offers no explanation as to how exactly the contamination might have occurred.

His statement says, "Dr. Johnson is prohibited by law from discussing the specifics of confidential patient information.”

The testing for the patients is free will be available at no charge at the ANY LAB TEST NOW® location on FM 1960. Contact that clinic by phone at 281-724-8156.