Demand for food donations in Texas remains high as more businesses reopen

As Texas begins reopening more businesses, food insecurities continue across the state.

On Monday, the Houston Food Bank did a large food drive outside NRG Stadium. The event was scheduled to start at 2 p.m., but had to start roughly one hour early because of high demand.

“It’s just these conditions,” said Ron Cornelious, a recipient who says he has never needed food assistance before. “[The conditions] called for it.”

The United States National Guard helped carry out the food distribution efforts Monday. We’re told the Houston Food Bank gave roughly 5,000 families a total of 15,000 pounds of food Monday, just at the NRG Stadium location.

“I didn’t expect to see so many people out here,” said volunteer Will Aldridge. “Even getting into the volunteer parking lot was pretty difficult, just because how many people are wrapped around the stadium and surrounding blocks.”

On Monday, we interviewed Nicole Lander from the Houston Food Bank about the high demand. For 5 weeks straight, they’ve handed out thousands of pounds of food to individuals outside NRG Stadium.

“I’m not surprised, unfortunately,” said Lander. “We have a big hospitality industry that took a huge hit in this area. This is the need that we see.”

Although businesses across Texas have started re-opening, Lander says the demand for free food continues.

“The indicator of your car does not determine if your poor or not, or just loss your job, or unable to make your car payment,” said Lander. “At the Houston Bank we want to subsidize food first, so people can use funds to support electricity, rent, and not lose their home or cars.”

An unpredictable time for families without jobs.

“Our goal is to continue through the end of June,” said Lander.