Deadly explosion heavily damages nearby businesses

After 25 years, a Corvette restoration shop across the street from the blast site was impacted by the Watson Grinding and Manufacturing explosion, and Gordon Andrus is not hopeful for what's left. He says he was working on a million dollars worth of classic cars that he expects were destroyed along with his shop.

"Our building took a direct hit, it could have been a bomb," he said.

Dozens of businesses are blocked by police barricades along with hundreds of homes that sustained damage, everyone now looking to what comes next.

Attorney Michael Fleming lives six miles from the explosion and his security camera captured the blast. He says whether there was property damage, loss of business, or injury those affected need to document everything from repair expenses to relocation costs. 

"Insurance is not going to cover everything. Some may not have insurance or sufficient coverage, so turn it over and make a claim when it's determined who's responsible for this explosion," he says.

Gordon Andrus hopes his business-neighbor is ready to step-up to take responsibility for the blast, for him and his employees who depend on staying open.