CPS accuses father of 5 of panhandling and takes kids into protective custody

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While other parents play with their kids in this park this couple can only wonder where their 5 kids are right now.

“Just that thought it’s indescribable,” said father-of-5 Anthony Dennison.

In this document Child Protective Services states the reason for taking the couple’s children is “failure to provide a safe environment.”

Dennison says he’s between jobs.

On March 22 CPS was contacted after Dennison was seen standing at this intersection with a sign that read 'dad laid off anything’s a blessing'.

“Basically they were hanging out there while dad was trying to do what dad could do,” Dennison said.

Was he trying to use the kids to panhandle?

“No sir,” Dennison said. “I was out there by myself, the kids, and my wife were standing at the side in a safe secluded area.”

Anthony’s wife Rita Joshua also says the kids were not being used to panhandle but she says that’s the picture CPS painted in court.

Their oldest child is 8. Then they have a 2-year-old a 1-year-old and 6-week-old twins. All are now in CPS custody.

“It really hurts me I was breast feeding and they just took them away and they’re not trying to hear anything I have to say in court,” Joshua said.

The couple admits to having a hard time financially.They are living with relatives but say they are keeping a roof over their kids heads and keeping them fed and clothed. But that’s not good enough they say for CPS.

“Yea they want to terminate my parental rights,” said Joshua.

Although neither parent has been accused of mistreating the kids, and if CPS gets its way, they will never live with their parents or any relatives ever again.

“If I wasn’t a responsible parent I wouldn’t even feel so bad,” Dennison said. “But I know that I do the best I can every day to make sure they’re ok.”

Here’s all CPS would say to us about this case.

“The children were not returned to the parents because CPS believed they would not be safe with the parents and the judge agreed.”

The couple is scheduled to return to court in late May.