Controversial Alabama Senate election What's Your Point? December 3, 2017

Polls indicate that voters in Alabama may well elect Senate candidate Roy Moore, despite multiple allegations of past sexual misconduct with under age girls.

This week's panel: Bob Price - Associate Editor Breitbart Texas, Nyanza Moore - progressive commentator and Houston attorney, Tony Diaz- Chicano educator and activist, Marcus Davis - host of "Sunday Morning Live", Bill King - businessman, columnist and former Kemah Mayor, and Jessica Colon - Republican strategist.


NEW YORK (AP) - Alabama Republican Roy Moore is fighting to raise campaign money for the final-weeks sprint to Election Day. The Senate candidate's allies say traditional GOP donors have rejected appeals for cash in recent weeks, as Moore has been hit with allegations of sexual misconduct.

Fundraising reports filed Friday reveal that Moore is losing the money race to Democrat Doug Jones. And he's losing badly.

Moore raised $1.7 million from Oct. 1 to Nov. 22. His Democratic challenger raised $9.9 million over the same period.

The disparity has allowed Democrat Doug Jones to dominate the Alabama airwaves and get-out-the-vote efforts with the Dec. 12 election fast approaching.