Community rebuilds WWII veteran's home damaged during Harvey

This Memorial Day weekend is especially meaningful for 94-year-old World War II veteran Clarence Sprague and his wife. 

After their home sustained damage from Hurricane Harvey, the couple was ripped off by contractors who never finished the job they were paid to do. 

"A lot of band-aids wee put on things that were covered up and lot of underlying problems were not dealt with," said Clarence's daughter Nova Smith.

But thanks to several veterans and community groups, help eventually came from people who were ready to do the job the right way.

"We were able to get new roofs, new electrical, new furniture, appliances and everything," said Lucy Gonzales with Houston Lady Lions.

Now that his home is almost complete, Sprague is very grateful to anyone who lent a hand.

"I really appreciate it, and I was surprised but I'm really proud, and feel really happy about it," said Sprague. "I'm really proud of all those people for helping out."

And for Sprague's daughter, watching the community around her dad is definitely something to smile about.

"It's very special, to see his reaction because he doesn't get that kind of attention every day," she said.

It was time for the guest of honor to celebrate with a little piece of cake, and it was well deserved.