Community gives wife & seven children of murder victim toys, holiday support

The wife and seven children of a Houston man shot to death in his driveway in November received the warm embrace of the community today, along with other families struggling during these hard times. 

The group Social Good In Action surprised them with toys and an early Christmas celebration.

"We want to reach out to your family to make sure they have some kind of small happiness and things for Christmas.  We love you, we love your family," said Freddie Jackson, a retired firefighter with Jackson Cares to the family of Bryan Curry.

"It's Christmas time now, and we really in our heart feel we wanted to try to make sure the children had at least some kind of relief during this holiday time," said Jackson.

Houston Police say 41-year-old Bryan Curry was shot to death trying to stop someone from breaking into a car in his driveway on Summit Meadow Drive in Houston, early in the morning on November 20.  He leaves behind a wife and seven children. 

"Very shocking, very heartbreaking, kind of stressful because we don't really know where it happened, how it happened, and why it happened.  It's very stressful," said Curry's wife Lakecia Byrd. 

The group Social Good In Action brought their usual suprise Christmas home visits to the Houston Black Fire Fighters Association Building this year to brighten the holiday for the Curry family and others. 

"Just bringing happiness to the children, and the families.  Some are in great need of food, toys, laughter.  So we want to be able to put smiles on their faces each year," said Martesha Burrage with SGIA.  

SGIA was joined by Jackson Cares and the company where Curry worked, CMC Materials, in the effort.

"We want to say that we undertand your grief and sorrow and and we wanted to be at least spending some good moments here this christmas," said Nita Shinde with CMC Materials to the family.

"Momma in her kerchief, and I in my cap," Santa read to the children from a book. 

"This is my favorite time of year because I'm able to be with every one of you.  And I know this year has been challenging for each and every one of us," said Santa to the group.

The children got to pick out toys that put smiles on their faces. 

"As they grow up, they'll just have memories and special moments like this.  Even though we know they'll never replace their dad, it's just the love that he had for them and people showing us that love, we'll appreciate it," said Byrd about the outpouring of support.

It was a moment of comfort as the Curry family continues to search for answers.  No arrests have been made in the case.  

"If anybody knows anything about what happened and could just report to homicide, to give a lead on his case, his kids really need that.  Just to be comfortable and just moving foward," said Byrd. 

Anyone with information on the case is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-TIPS.