Closing arguments set for Monday in the Derek Chauvin trial

Closing arguments are scheduled to begin Monday in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin.

The former police officer is accused of second degree murder, third degree murder, and second degree manslaughter, relating to the death of Houston’s own George Floyd.  Last week, Chauvin chose not to testify in court. 

"He needs to be convicted for the things he did," said Floyd’s brother Philonise Floyd.  "The things he did, I wouldn’t do that to an animal."

Video captures Chauvin kneeing on Floyd’s neck for more than 9 minutes in May of 2020.  Floyd died that day at the age of 46.

In a recent interview, we asked Philonise if he believes Chauvin will be found guilty.

"I feel we will get justice because of the video," said Philonise Floyd.  "The video is enough and shows my brother was tortured to death as his soul was taken from him."

On Sunday, we spoke with local attorney and in-house trial psychologist Dr. Robert Leone about the trial.  Dr. Leone is the Executive Director for the Leone Institute.

"A picture they say is worth a thousand words," said Dr. Leone.  "A video tape then is probably worth 10 thousand words.  The jury right now is on top of the pressure cooker.  Ready to explode."

Protests have been taking place in Minnesota for the last week following the recent police shooting death of Daunte Wright.  Authorities are prepared for more protests as the Chauvin trial ends.

"African Americans, we don’t get justice," said Floyd.  "Hopefully this time, and I have faith, we will get justice."

"If there’s not a guilty verdict, you’re going to have people come off the walls," said Dr. Leone.  "Worse than anything we’ve seen.  Even if he’s found guilty, there’s still going to be rioting, because you need to have a more comprehensive plan [for police reform], and people are ready to riot."