'Chalk Stang' inspires creative Astros fans

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It's safe to say that most people in the Houston area are excited that the Astros are playing in the World Series, but the question is, how far does your fandom go? For Vena Ashley, it came down to her sports car.

"I've always wanted an art car and so I was trying to figure out what to do, do I do something crazy on it and then someone gave me the idea, 'Why don't you do chalk paint?,' yeah and then everyone can have fun and it's like an interactive art car," says Ashley.

The Ford Mustang covered in chalk paint is dubbed the "Chalk Stang." It was parked outside Gallery Furniture on Saturday afternoon, giving visitors that stopped by an opportunity to view it and get creative with the car.

"They just love it and that it's a Mustang, like who gets to write on a Mustang?," asks Ashley.

"I wrote Astros winners," says Juan Rosales.

"Very cool, whoever did that is big and talented, very cool," says Alyssa Frazier. 

On the "Chalk Stang,"  people could write their hopes and special messages for the Astros. Ashley says it'll be parked around the city throughout the weekend, so that if you see if, you can grab and chalk stick and write too.