Celebrating Giving Tuesday during the COVID-19 pandemic

A lot of people are now in need because of the COVID19 crisis but that means a lot of people are also giving.  We are highlighting Giving Tuesday on this Positively Houston or at least of version it.

Typically the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is reserved for this day but because of COVID19 the day to make a conscious effort to give has come early with a slightly different name, Giving Tuesday Now.

"We want to remind everybody of the need to help one another,” says Martin Cominsky CEO of InterFaith Ministries of Greater Houston.

Whether it’s sending senior citizens cards of comfort and encouragement or volunteering to take meals to those who are shut in, on this Giving Tuesday Now a number of Houstonians are giving by donating time, sometimes tears and by standing together even if from a distance.

“And good old cash will help us too. We can feed a senior for $5,’ explains Cominsky who says since the COVID19 crisis began InterFaith has helped thousands of people in many different ways.

"We are adding about 1,000 clients to our 4,300 current list to help more seniors get food in their homes safely. We’re in partnership with Gallery Furniture and if you want to drop off masks that you’ve sewn and made Hilton Americas will launder them so they’re safe to give out."

"We’re working closely with Houston Food Bank and other partners. To date, we’ve distributed 1.7 million pounds of food to more than 220,000 people across the city. We have 12 of our locations that we’ve opened up to make available for essential workers' child care,” says Stephen Ives CEO for YMCA of Greater Houston.

As these organizations give, they too need donations to continue helping during this COVID19 crisis and beyond. 

“The need is far greater than it ever has been,” adds Ives. 

Entertainers are coming together for a COV-AID fundraiser where some celebs are even facing off virtually with gamers. When we tuned in rapper Waka Flocka Flame was claiming video game victory on the virtual basketball court.

The Houston Humane Society is giving away free pet food and accepting donations.

The Houston Zoo is getting creative with a play on words calling this Giving ZooDay but on this Giving Tuesday Now most agree we only make it through this crisis one way, together.

"People are having a hard time getting by.  It’s important that the philanthropic energy of this city and of our region get released in a powerful way because people need us more than ever,” says Ives. 

If you’re looking for a place to volunteer go to Volunteer HoustonInterFaith Ministries, and the Greater Houston YMCA.