Carnival Cruise Lines gives single mother a second chance

A Houston single mother says she cried until she couldn't cry anymore after ruining her own Christmas vacation...

Carlette Collins says she saved for a year to take her and her two boys on a Carnival Cruise to Cozumel last December.

When she arrived at the terminal in Galveston she realized she left her passport and birth certificates at home.

The cruise ship had no choice but to pull off and Collins was out of $1500.

She said she called and called to try and get another cruise but she didn't buy insurance and she was out of luck...

That's until she wrote our Isiah Carey for help. A Carnival representative agreed to review Collins' case and gave her a make-up cruise to use whenever the family wants.

Collins says, "It was great and it was wonderful wonderful news."

Carnival reps say this was a one-time exception granted to the single mother, who will likely take her cruise again in December.

Collins also wanted to thank Carnival for giving her and her boys a second chance at a great Christmas.