Capital murder suspect out on bond accused of carjacking woman

“We hate to see these repeat violent offenders get out and have another opportunity to victimize folks,” said Joe Gamaldi, President of the Houston Police Officers Union.

When it comes to 20-year-old Horace Harris, police say it’s the same song repeatedly played by Harris County’s criminal justice system.

“Here we have someone who is out on parole and who is also out on bond for capital murder,” Gamaldi said. “None of this makes any sense.”

Early Tuesday, police say Harris and another man stole a Jeep Cherokee from a northwest side apartment complex.

But not before terrorizing a mother of six.

“And then pistol whipped her it was honestly insane,” said the victim’s daughter Samantha Mora.

This video shows Horace Harris trying to start the vehicle.

Mora says Harris told his accomplice to kill her mother.

“Just shot her and put her in the car,” she said.

At the age of 20, Horace Harris has racked up quite a rap sheet.

“He was picked up in 2015 for an aggravated robbery and in 2016 he’s picked up for assault of a public servant in Hidalgo County,” said Gamaldi.

Even with that criminal background, criminal district court Judge Robert Johnson in the 177th gave Harris a $100 thousand bond for a capital murder charge in 29017.

“The DA’s office asked for no bond for this suspect,” the union president said.

Last April, Harris got arrested in Hidalgo County for violating his deferred probation.

He spent less than two months in prison.

After his release, Judge Johnson reinstated his bond.

We called sent an e-mail and even visited the court but couldn’t make contact with Judge Johnson.

“Violent criminals are being let out on personal bonds, low bonds and are being given deferred probation when they have repreatedly shown an absolute disregard for the law,” said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo.